Family Tree Builder

Family Tree Builder 7.0

Complete family tree tool


  • Very complete genealogy tool
  • Several ways to view and export tree
  • Highly detailed profile for each family member


  • Requires registration - after you install!
  • Can be slow
  • Looks dated

Very good

Family Tree Builder is a comprehensive genealogy application that enables you to build a complete family tree from scratch, featuring every single member of your family since the beginning of humankind – that is, if you can find records that date back that far!

Each family member has a highly detailed profile in Family Tree Builder that includes all the basic data (name, date of birth, their relationship with the rest of the family) as well as other extra elements such as photos, maps, physical description and important facts and dates in their personal life.

Family Tree Builder also has excellent configuration settings, which means that with a little bit of work (and you will need to put in an effort to get the most out of the app, which is really very complete), you can get an awful lot out of this program.

Despite this huge amount of data, Family Tree Builder is really easy to use. It lets you browse the tree in several ways and also view or export it in a variety of formats. What's more, you can publish your family tree to your webpage right from the program. Family Tree Builder's only flaw, if any, is the compulsory registration in order to use it. But hey, it's free: what else can you ask for?

Family Tree Builder is an incredibly complete tool to help you navigate through the complex task of building a family tree.

Download Family Tree Builder, our free genealogy software for putting together your family tree. It's not only completely free, and free of ads and spyware, but it's also one of the best genealogy software programs you'll find.

It has original, easy-to-use pages that let you grow your family tree visually. It runs in 21 languages and lets you create and print your family tree in several languages. Bring your family tree to life with photos and documents and use our ground-breaking face recognition technology to annotate your photos and discover the identity of people you don't recognize in your old family photos. In a few mouse clicks, you can publish your family tree to the Internet on your own family Website and share it with family and friends!

Family Tree Builder


Family Tree Builder 7.0

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